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What we do
We teach and help to earn on trading
Individual training for professional trading strategies at a convenient time for you.
Providing current news and analysis on all types of world markets (Currency, Stock, Commodity, digital currency market ).
Trading recommendations for the conclusion of trade transactions.
Kirill Vlasov
Head of Trading Department
- Simply put "big shot"
- The main developer of stock strategies.
- Founder more than 180+ projects
- Representative of the Securities Commission of the Russian Federation
Charlotte Hamann
Top manager
- Top manager of senior management
- More than 800 successful deals for the year.
Andrew Smolov
Trader analyst
- Author of more than 20 articles
- Also known as "Exchange Tourist"
- Trades in several markets simultaneously
- Master of Diversification
Andrei - a partner of our company, besides making money by trading on the exchanges, he sleeps with his laptop and has his own blog about trading.

From the author: every single post is my own experience, and which I provide absolutely for free, the only requirement is - read thoughtfully.
Andrey Samoilov
Cooperating with us all information on exchange trading will be available for you. Here you will receive strategies and practical advice from successful traders, the latest news and market analysis.
Our services
Assisting self-trading on the stock exchange
Forecasting stock market
Обучение торговли на биржевом рынке
Education trading on the stock market
Trading signals
Compilation of investment portfolios
Creating and implementing trading strategies
Opening access to unique market analysis tools
The advantage of individual support of our team
In the case of trading independently, our specialists will always give you practical advice or help you in practice to get out of a difficult situation during trading.
The opportunity to transfer money to trust management - you see, it is convenient when a professional works for you and brings you income. You just relax.
To study always and everywhere - online course training, a lot of useful practical material and much more ... This is a chance to convert knowledge into money.
Positive stability and efficiency in the auction - this is what we are proud of in front of the client.
Constant access to modern and licensed trading and market analysis tools.
- Get free trading signals for the test right now!

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Tariff Plans
  • Analytical materials
  • Learning materials
  • Daily Market Review
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Seminars and webinars
  • 24/7 support
Learn more
  • Analytical materials
  • Learning materials
  • Daily Market Review
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Seminars and webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • Individual trading account review with financial analyst
  • Personal strategy development
  • Trading plan
Learn more
  • Analytical materials
  • Learning materials
  • Daily Market Review
  • Personal Financial Analyst
  • Seminars and webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • Individual trading account review with financial analyst
  • Personal strategy development
  • Trading plan
  • Personal Account Expert
  • VIP tools for bidding
  • Investor Portfolio
Learn more
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Individual lessons with an expert online at a convenient time for you. Distance learning in stock trading and all industries.
Strategy Recommendations
Ready signals
What is the bar, spread, volume and result?
News Analysis
What are levels and how to read them?
What is "result / analysis / action"?
Basics of technical analysis.
What is a trend? The rules of the formation of trends.
Who are the "buyer" and "seller"?
How to read charts and market in advance?
What VSA signals exist?
What you need to be able to start a competent trade?
Choosing a broker, setting up a terminal.
Learning stages
Enter the course
- Get the full theory
- Briefing with Market Experts
- Reference analysis of knowledge
- 1st step passed
Enter the practical course
- Get an account to practice practice
- Complete study of analysis and trading tools
- Mastering the theory
- Use in practice
- Briefing with Market Experts
- Reference analysis of knowledge
- 2nd step passed
Entering the final course
- Get a set of instructions
- Pass the last briefing
- Get a real account for trading
- First 4 deals pass with an expert
- 3rd final course passed!
What do you get after training
Full understanding of how financial markets work
Arsenal of effective trading strategies
Ability to use trading platforms
Risk Management and Risk Management Skills
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Reviews about our site
Andrey Bilutsky
My subjective review on this site: Handsome guys, but they could be better. For a long time I could not get through. But still the pros helped me. He made several bets, mistakenly bet on the wrong currency pair, but the guys quickly picked up the currency in parallel for me to get my money back. What else can I say? I was lucky to have responded in time. Thank !
Timofey Ershanin
I'll be brief, everything suits me. Yes, it was lost, but purely through its own fault. I wanted to trade myself. They warned me that it was better to give money in trust, but I was stupid, disobeyed. Lost a little, only 200 dollars. But now I still have experience. Track. An investment made immediately in Dov. control. Now everything is all right. I invested 300 dollars - I get monthly at 80. And so already for half a year. Praise, good work ...
Irina Davis
A friend had advised me to the site. We are here in America in fact, allowed to trade on the stock exchange. But I decided to do it with someone's help; I wanted to have a minimum but stable income in parallel. Start with 500 dollars. But since I do not really understand this, I took trust management. So far, quite pleased. I get $ 254 a month from my investment. In parallel, I try to learn myself. But the professional is a professional, that says it all. Thank you. Already paid back on investment 400 +.
Paul Schreipher
Ich habe beschlossen, nur zum Spaß zu spielen. Begonnen mit 80 Euro. Glück ist auf meiner Seite, eine faire Auszahlung mit einer schnellen Auszahlung. Ein guter podzarobotok für den Studenten - das bin ich :)))
Galina Schiglevich
I'm sitting at home with my baby, called the so-called "Traders". I am very skeptical about this. Until I check it - I do not believe it. My husband was against, but he obviously was interested in the prospect of earning a little money, yet money is needed by everyone. We decided to start with a minimum amount of savings. We started with a free demo account, we explained everything. Nothing understood absolutely. We were offered to give signals with detailed instructions as to where to click. We were given 2 successful signals from two. We invested in each signal for $ 50. Earned about 369 dollars with pennies. It's very cool, man or I often earn some money on the weekends at the expense of Mr. Bulatov's signals. Thank you very much !!!
K. Robbin
I advise everyone, thank you team!
Grigoriy Vanquish
Moved to live in Canada about 4 years ago. A coincidence, they called me back and offered me some extra money. I thought that a good idea at the start after the move, to have on your pocket. I tried with 250 dollars. the man who introduced himself as Vlasov Cyril, gave me some instructions and tips regarding currency pairs. Successfully went))) The first profit was $ 180, on top of the money that was invested) I will be frank, it does not look like roulette, as I understand it, this is all a difficult miscalculation and market knowledge. I could hardly have done it myself. Thanks for the help.
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